Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is Hungary trying to re-establish the Iron Curtain

It is with a mixture of amazement and disappointment that I read recent reports that the Hungarian government is building a fence along its borders. In historical terms,  is relatively recently that the Hungarian people were rightly outraged about the existence of the Iron Curtain which restricted their rights to freely travel within Europe. Does nobody in power over there not see the irony that they are putting in place a shiny new version of the same thing that they fought so hard to pull down.


  1. There are 2 major difference... 1) Iron Curtain prohibited the people to get out of their country, this fence is prohibiting to get into EU - in uncontrolled manner. 2) I hope nobody will be shot at this fence...

    I'm not huge fan of Hungarian politics and they could do some things differently. On the other hand... there was combination of facts - Hungary has a duty to protect outer borders of Schengen Area (duty which actually Italy and Greece resign to fulfill), refugees regularly refuse to request asylum in Hungary and wanted to continue to Germany in uncontrolled manner; Germany bluntly waived Dublin treaty and claimed that every body is welcomed and suddenly same Germany realized that influx is so high that Germany closed their border.

    Definitely Hungary has no experience and infrastructure to process so many asylum seekers and they are getting very little support from EU to do so... so from this point it is logical - they are trying to control the influx.

    I believe that there are a lot of refugees that need help, but I'm not sure that let them freely roam through Europe (and let them once realized the sad truth that in Germany it is not enough place for everybody) is the right way to do so.

  2. You are right to say that the new Iron Curtain is keeping people out, while the old one was keeping people in. However, apart from this the two barriers are very similar. Nobody has yet been shot trying to cross the new barrier, but unfortunately I am not confident that this will remain the case for very long.