Friday, April 26, 2024

Planting my retirement tree

 When I retired last August, I had an idea to plant a tree to mark the occasion. It is a testament to how busy I have been that it has taken me 8 months to finally get around to it. 

What is really cool about this tree is that it has parts of a James Grieve apple tree combined with cox's orange pippin so the tree should be able to pollinate itself.

Fallng into the manosphere

Recently, my daughters were horrified to hear that I was listening to Jordan Peterson's podcast about his 12 rules for life. They worried that I was accidentally going to fall into the manosphere, but to be honest I find his rules to be more bizarre than offensive. In any case shocking my daughters is just a bonus :-)

Eventually  stopped following Jordan's blog, but more due to boredom than in shock. In general I think that people like Jordan should be allowed to speak freely. The whole point of free speech is that we tolerate people we disagree with rather than just people we agree with.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

How fast is a drone delivery? Very fast


After I posted a video of a drone delivering coffee to my home, two questions arose:

  • How fast was the delivery and was the coffee still hot on arrival?
  • Was the coffee secure and was any spilled en-route?
The delivery was very fast - either 5 or 0 minutes depending upon you count:
  • 8:06pm - I decided to order coffee
  • 8:11pm - I pressed the 'confirm order' button. (The time taken was because it was my first order so I needed to input my address and card details etc.)
  • 8:16pm - They sent me a message to say the order was on its way and to make sure no people or pets were in the landing area.
  • 8:20pm - The delivery was made.
The coffee was in sealed cardboard containers and no spillage happened.