Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly review for the week ending 7th of Feb 2010

Last week I said I would:
  • Start work on my GTD tool selection project.
    • My blog post about tool selection attracted quite a bit of interest and I now have a long list of tools to evaluate. However, after an initial look I narrowed down my choices to:
  • Discuss with my local and remote managers about what my goals should be for 2010 (again a multi week project)
    • I got clarity on my goals and responsibilities within the global Sametime team and I started working on these. I don't want to give details on my external blog, but I will post details to my IBM internal blog
    • I had some discussion about what my responsibilities will be for the local lab management, but this is not yet agreed.
  • Begin taking on the additional areas of leadership in the Sametime team (once I get clarification on what they are) - done
  • Start work on comparison of MicroBlogging tools
    • I started work on the comparison between WildFire and StatusUpdater/MicroBlogCentral but was unable to complete it because I ran into some problems in trying to get Wildfire working
    • I tried without success to recruit a team to complete a detailed report comparing all of the client side and server side tools in this area. Therefore, I will put this idea on hold for now and simply compare the two tools.
Next Week I will:
  • GTD Tool selection project
  • Work with the audit team on the security peer-review that is starting this week.
  • Discuss with the local management team about my lab management responsibilities for 2010
  • Blog on the IBM internal site about taking on the additional areas of leadership in the Sametime team
  • Wildfire v Status Updater
    • Get resolution to Wildfire issues
    • Write the blog post about the comparison between the two tools
    • Renew my attempt to convince both teams that they shoudl merge.
  • Build new SUT kit for Ubuntu users within IBM to bring them up to the CF1 code level
  • Prepare Open Client presentation for the Senior Leadership Team

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