Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smart Signs (NOT)

Irish property developers love to put up signs helping people to find the developments that they have just built. This is a picture I took recently which is an example of how useless these signs can be. At first glance, it looks like a very useful sign telling people that they should turn left if they want to get to Tyrellstown, go straight ahead if they wish to visit the Park Plaza Hotel and turn right if they wish to play golf at the Hollystown Golf Club. However, if you were actually on the ground at the place where the sign is located you would be very confused because it is situated at the side of a straight stretch of road where there is no option for drivers except to go straight ahead.

The Lat/Long coordinates of the sign are 53.4142/-6.3867. The Yahoo maps service have up to date maps of the location and the following screeenshot of their map of the sign location illustrate how the sign is not at any junction.

To get a clue to the as to why this sign was put there, you should visit the Google maps service which has slightly out of date maps. If you look at their map you can see that at some stage in the (presumably not too distant) past there was a junction which was removed when the roundabout was constructed immediately to the south of it.

It is a pity that the people responsible for eliminating the junction didn't also go to the trouble of either removing the sign or else adjusting it so that it gave some useful guidance to drivers. In case you are wondering:
  • Straight ahead (North) will still bring you to the Park Plaza Hotel
  • The Tyrellstown estate is to the left of the sign as the crow flies. But unless you are willing to climb over a fence you will have to access it via one of the new roundabouts to the North or South of the sign
  • Straight ahead (North) will bring you to the Hollystown Golf Club.

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