Thursday, November 25, 2010

What operating system do people use to read this blog

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool for collecting statistics about the users of your web sites. I blogged before about how the readers of this blog are much more likely to use Firefox than the readers of another blog I maintain with news about a local soccer team. This time I decided to look at the operating system used by the visitors to the two sites.

The results are summariesd in the table below:
PlatformMy BlogSoccer BlogDifference

The facts that jump out at me from these statistics are:
  • While Windows is clearly the most popular operating system, its level of dominance is nowhere near as hight as I would have thought.
  • The second most popular platform for readers of this blog is Linux (probably because I occasionally write about Linux related topics), but the second most popular platform for readers of the soccer blog is Macintosh (almost one in five readers use this platform).
  • Most of the "other" category is accounted for by various mobile platforms. They account for relatively few readers of either blog. I think that although many people have SmartPhone devices, they don't often use them for browsing the web of reading blogs.


  1. It may be interesting to find what is reported for iPhone or Android. They may *not* be in the "other" bucket.

  2. Actually iPhone (2.4%) and Android (2.1%) are the most popular platforms in the "other" category for readers of my main blog. For readers of the soccer blog the ranking is the same, but the % is smaller at 0.5% and 0.3% resp[ectively. The other category actually contains quite a surpising range of platforms - there was even one reader reported as using OS/2!!