Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Starring on Google Street View

A few years ago my brother and I hired out a cruiser and spent a week cruising with our families on the Shannon. When we were passing through Carrick-on-Shannon with our hired cruiser we spotted one of the Google Street view cars in the vicinity. I made a mental note of where I was when I spotted the car and when Street View was initially launched in Ireland I tried without success to see us on the site. The important point to know is where were we when the car saw us, not where were we when we saw the car.

However, I was browsing randomly on the site the other night and I happened to spot us appearing clearly as you can see from the screenshot below. You can click here to see us live on the web, but it is normally quite hard to find us because if you move to the position either left or right of this exact position there is no boat in the river. It seems that google selects images from multiple passes through an area, and we only appear in one of the passes (if you look carefully you can also see someone taking a picture of the Google Street View car).

In all modesty I must say that we look very good, but it would be hard to recognise us if you didn't know exactly who was on the boat at the time (I was driving and am partly obscured from view). You might think that it is extravagant for a recently appointed mayor to be driving such a fancy cruiser, but I must admit that it was only rented from Emerald Star. Hopefully the local Bord Failte office will be sending us payments in reward for the great way we are advertising the amenities of the area.

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  1. Looks like you and boating have been fond of each other for a while! ;-)