Friday, May 13, 2011

The importance of regular excercise

I am a big fan of getting regular exercise. However, instead of being intensively involved in a single sport I normally try to fit exercise into my normal daily routine. I normally only use Ben Hardill's wonderful Tracks2Miles application to upload my DailyMile records when I undertake a significant run/cycle. However, most of my exercise is accounted for by the fact that cycle to and from work when the weather allows. I also try to fit in a short walk at lunch time each day - I find that the fresh air helps improve my productivity in the afternoon.

It is surprising how few IBM employees at the site where I am based realise that there is a beautiful walk around the perimeter. The complete circuit is 4.5km, but several shorter options are also possible if time is limited. Although parts of the path can get a little bit mucky during the winter months it is really beautiful. Trees have been planted that obscure the view of the IBM buildings and at times you would find it hard to see the IBM buildings and so when you see the cows on the neighbouring farms, you would find it hard to believe that over a thousand people are working in high-tech jobs only meters from where you are walking in the middle of nature. It is very common to see hares sharing the track and even the occasional fox (probably looking to feast on the Hares).

View Lunch walk Around IBM campus in a larger map

Incidentally I am no longer mayor of my local gym. I have not been back since I was ousted from the mayorship at the end of March. It is not that I have been sulking it is just that it seems a shame to be indoors running on a treadmill when we have been experiencing a rare extended spell of sunny spring weather in Ireland.

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