Friday, December 8, 2023

Retirement in practice

Before I retired I published a planfor what I would do with my time. 
Now that I have been retired for roughly 4 months, I thought I should review what I actually did:

  1. Cycling: I am still cycling most weekends, but I am surprised to find that I don't really have time to cycle mid-week. My Strava statistics show me doing more or less the same milage as before retirement.
  2. Lecturing: This is working out very well. I find it very rewarding and I am planning to possibly increase my hours next semester.
  3. Night classes: I attended all the planed classes, but I must admit I never practice guitar between classes - the usual excuse of being too busy.
  4. Age Action: This is working out very well. The gap in age is very small between me and the 'older persons' that I am teaching, but it is still good to be doing 'give back'.
  5. Open source: I haven't really gotten to spend time on this goal. I did identify a project that I might like to contribute to - a set of node-red nodes for iOT devices. However, I have not yet upskilled to the level that I might be able to make a contribution.
  6. Men's shed: I did not join a mens shed as such, but I joined a 'mens club' in my local community center. This has worked out great for me - I am making new friends and keeping very busy
  7. Book club: I found a book club in the local community center. Unfortunately I am the only male member of the club, but I don't let that interfere with my enjoying the club.
In general, I think retirement is working out more or less as I hoped and I have no regrets

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