Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why I deserve to be the person getting the free eCar

ESB recently announced that they plan to give away some electric powered cars (eCars) to private individuals in return for some help in publicising the benefits of this new environmentally friendly mode of transport. The application form ask you to state why you believe that you would be the ideal person to receive an eCar, but they only give you a small text box in which to write your reasons. Therefore I decided that I would write this blog post stating my case at length.

  1. I am a blogger and would use my blog to help publicise my experiences with the eCar in addition to cooperating with any PR activities arranges by ESB themselves.
  2. I have a record  of writing about electrical sustainability issues on my blog and in particular my work with local schools to do Young Scientist projects relating to Smarter Power.
  3. My current car is a hybrid car. I chose this because I am interested in helping the environment and because there were no pure electric cars available on the Irish market at the time,
  4. My commute to work is only 8km so I would not be a demanding user of eCar, but there is already an eCar charging point at my place of work and I frequently travel long distances at weekends and I would be happy to see how an eCar performs on these journeys.
  5. Since I currently  own a hybrid car, all the cars in our household would be electric powered in some form is I was lucky enough to be chosen as a recipient of a free eCar.
I hope you will wish me luck in the application process.