Monday, February 26, 2024

Wahoo colour codes

When my Wahoo is showing the route recorded, it uses a colour coding scheme to show how severe the climb is. I did some experiments today while cycling up and down Howth Hill and figured out what the colours mean.

  • Downhill = Gray (no matter how steep the descent)
  • Grade 0-4% = Green
  • Grade 4-8% = Yellow
  • Grade above 8% = Red 
For example, the picture on the right shows my screen after climbing the steep side of Howth hill. As you can see the climb is mostly yellow (4-8%) with only a bit of red (after passing the church) and a little bit of green (near the top of the climb it levels out).

Friday, February 23, 2024

Drone delivery comes to Dublin 15

 I was recently  notified that the Manna drone delivery service is coming to Dublin 15. This was a cause of great excitement. I know that drone delivery has been going on for some time in North Co. Dublin, but I personally never had the thrill of eating drone delivered food yet.

The first step is to install the phone app which I did last week. This automatically detected that I was in the greater Blanchardstown area and so they told me the service was coming soon.

This morning (about 9:10 am) the app notified me that I could apply for a free trial of the service. I love free stuff so I instantly click on the necessary buttons to say I wanted it dropped in the back garden (there are cars parked out front). They told me that expected delivery was 10:03am, so I felt free to run a quick errand before it arrived. This was a mistake because the delivery arrived early around 9:45am and I missed seeing it.

Nevertheless I did get to consume the free goodies. The delivery was in a sturdy paper bag as you can see in the picture. A long thin string was used to attach the bag to the drone and this was dropped in the garden too.

I tried to order a real meal from the service, but they are not taking orders yet. Therefore I can't comment on whether it is good value for money.