Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Skype finally opening up

Skype is a hugely popular VOIP service. In fact according to some reports, they now have passed out AT&T as the largest carried of international voice calls.

The main reason that Skype is popular is because it is really easy to use. However, until recently the Skype platform was very closed. There is a Skype API, but this only allows you to manipulate the Skype client running on your machine and does not allow you to do anything really interesting like connect Skype to/from another network.

This might be about to change because Skype have recently announced a Beta program of their SIP support. This would open a lot of interesting possibilities ...

Right now it is a closed Beta with limits on who can participate, so I will have to wait some time to try it out.

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  1. This development along with the proliferation of WiFi enabled mobile phones sure does have potential to take VoIP usage to the next level (at least in the consumer space thanks to dawn of true ubiquitous computing - WiFi Mobile Phones).

    On the regulatory front - its seems the days of big mobile operators blocking 'certain' internet services (e.g. Skype) on their network may be coming to an end. Just imagine - free VoIP services off Vodafone or Telefonica/02 pipe... talk about turning their business model upside down!!! Its unstoppable...