Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly report for the week ending 9th of May

Last week I said I would:
  1. Get everyone to commit to the latest version of the plan for Portal and MashupMaker to move to the latest Sametime API (not done - got commitment on the technical details of what we will do, but yet to get agreement on the schedule for the work)
  2. Help with testing of the latest Sametime Beta candidate especially focusing on Linux readiness (done - I expect that the Beta will ship shortly with AV support on Linux for the first time which is a major achievement)
  3. Restart work on the IBM 2.0 book project (done - revised the stories to go with the sample chapter)
  4. Agree next steps for Ireland/China exchange program (not done - still awaiting a response to my email)
  5. Update the work information on my CV (not done)

Next Week I will do the
following actions:
  1. Get schedule commitments on the cross product integration plans
  2. Revise the sample chapter for the IBM 2.0 book project. This week I hope to have an updated version ready for review within the team so that we can send to Springer ahead of our commitment at the end of May.
  3. Make a final attempt to agree next steps for Ireland/China exchange program - or else get agreement to drop the proposal
  4. Update the work information on my CV

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