Saturday, May 4, 2013

How much do you need to pay for a bike computer

I like cycling and I like gadgets so I suppose it is not surprising that I consider that it is essential to have some form of bike computer to keep track of my speed and distance. Currently I am using simple bike computers on each of my bikes which I bought for €5.99 in Aldi.

Some of my cycling friends recommend that I should consider splashing out on a Garmin 500 series model. This would give me certain neat features not present on my current model:

  • It has built in GPS so as well as tracking my speed it can also record exactly where I was cycling.
  • It allows uploading of data directly to the internet so I can analyse my performance with neat visualization tools.
  • It connects with additional sensors to track things like my hear rate and cadence so I can judge how effective my training is.
However, these features come at a price. The Garmin model costs about €250 as compared to only €6 for the Adli model. Therefore I think I will stick with my Aldi computer for the moment. In any case I can use some neat free apps for my phone to track my training in addition to the bike computer.

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