Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jes reunion on 17th of October 2009

Jes Class Photo
Originally uploaded by Brian O'Donovan
I was surprised to realise that 30 years have passed since I left school. This class photo reminded me of how long ago that seems. I know that I have changed quite a bit over the years and I would love to meet up with my former classmates to see how much they have changed (if I even still recognise them).

A few of us got together and have arranged an informal reunion event. If you were at school in the Jes at the same time as the guys in this photograph, here are the details for your diary.

Location: Wards Hotel, Lower Salthill
Date: Saturday, 17th of October
Time: 8:30pm -late

We will be meeting up for drinks and finger food. There is no need for tickets and all are welcome. Even if you were not in the class you can come along if you want to meet any of the guys in the picture.

If you are not able to come in person, maybe you might like to leave a comment here and we will circulate your comment at the event.

You can click here to see a few more photos of our school days. Cameraphones had not been invented 30 years ago so we don't have as many pictures as we would like. If you have any photos or memorabilia it would be great if you could bring them along.


  1. I can't wait to see how all the lads have aged over the last 30 years.

    My guess is that the bodies will have aged, but we will probably still act just like teenagers!

  2. Looking forward to a good night and meeting a lot of old and i mean old friends from a time that we all thought 3o years on was ......... yes fill in the blanks. See ye all in Wards. Frank Hanley.

  3. Hi Brian,

    For the craic I posted a song online I wrote for the occasion, 'The Jes on Sea Road' . The site is called Macjams and is run by a couple of nice blokes, songs can be downloaded freely and commented on if you sign up, it's a very safe site.
    This is done with a big dose of humour and in the thrashy way myself and Cormac and the lads played.
    I don't really do much of this kind of thing, getting on a bit. Too much time spent at my computer I suppose.
    Anyway enjoy, have a laugh, my singing is as bad as ever, remember Motel, jesus.

    And send on to any of the lads you'd think would be interested in having a listen, I don't have any email contacts.

    Take care, looking forward to the 17th


  4. Willie,

    This is a brilliant song - it really brings me back. Maybe we could/should organise to have it playing during the reunion event.


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