Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zorin OS Presentation

One of my highlights from helping run the IBM stand at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition is that I met the two young Zorin brothers who have created their own Ubuntu variant Zorin OS. Kyril Zorin, is doing a transition year placement in IBM this week where he is investigating building a variant of the IBM Open Client on top of Zorin OS rather than the one we have at the moment which is based upon Ubuntu itself.

Zorin is an interesting distribution because it aims to help smooth the transition for people moving from Windows to Ubuntu. The menus look very similar to those in Windows XP (which might or might not be advantage based upon your perspective). Zorin OS also comes pre-configured with many things that people typically add to Ubuntu after install (e.g. MP3 support, WINE, etc.).

Here are the slides from a presentation that Kyrill did for us in the lab yesterday. Unfortunately we did not record his demonstration which was very impressive. Especially the "theme switcher" which allows you to switch between a Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Macinitosh look and feel - this will be included in the next version of Zorin OS which will be based upon Lucid Lynx.

If you are interested in learning more, I encourage you to get a Live CD from their web site

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