Sunday, March 14, 2010

Evaluation of Remember The Milk as a System for tracking tasks in a GTD way

As part of my quest to find the best GTD task tracking system I have been using Remember the Milk (RTM for short) for the last two weeks. In summary this web site is very straight forward and easy to use. I found that it was less complex than ToodleDo. RTM seems to have fewer possible options and this allows the interface to me much cleaner and less cluttered.

The associated Android application for the phone was also very slick and easy to learn. Unfortunately this is only available to people who have subscribed to the Pro version of the RTM service, but the 2 week free trial for the Pro service allowed me to use it during the evaluation without having to pay anything.

The one limiting factor with RTM for me was that I could not get my RTM tasks to show up on either my Google or Notes calendars. The web site gives the URLs for the webcal and ICS feeds, but neither of these seemed to work for me despite several attempts. I think this would stop me from adopting RTM full time.

For the next two weeks I will try using plain old  Lotus Notes with the additional guidance from David Allen's guide to how to implement GTD with Notes.

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