Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Running Practice

I like to occasionally go jogging to keep fit, and as you can see from my running pictures on Flickr, I also like to occasionally enter for road races. I am currently just starting to train for the Great ireland Run which will be held in the Phoenix Park on Sunday 18 April.

I recently upgraded my phone to a HTC Hero and since this is an Android based phone I have been having great fun trying out the numerous applications that are available for this platform. One cool application that I have begun to experiment with is My Tracks from Google. If I turn this application on when I am running it will automatically keep a track of exactly where I am running and plot it on a map. At the end of each run I am given the option of uploading the track to Google where it will automatically be registered in a personal training diary.

By default the training diary is private, but I have no reason not to share my training data with the public so if you want to see where I have been running, just click here and you will see an automatically generated spreadsheet showing details of each training run I go on. It includes details of how long I ran and how fast, it even includes a link that you can use to see my exact route tracked on a google map.

I don't always remember to use the application and so it under estimates my running totals, but I think I will start using it in earnest as I begin to train for the upcoming race and then I will be able to see how much I am improving (if I improve that is).

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