Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly report for the 2 weeks ending 2nd of May

I am still operating below par due to my slowly recovering ribs (it turns out that I had three broken ribs instead of just one that they originally thought) so I decided to skip last weeks weekly review and instead review 2 weeks in one.

Last week I said I would:
  1. Finalize the plans for Portal and MashupMaker to move to the latest Sametime API (I thought that this was done, but the plan turned out to be flawed and so we had to revise it. The plan has now been revised, but I a still need to get people to commit to the new plan)
  2. Start getting feedback on my picture of the Sametime programming methods (I have completed an accurate picture of the current toolkits. I also started about how we might change the model, but I am putting this on hold because people are too occupied with the upcoming Beta to devote time to strategic reviews)
  3. Write blog post about using Notes as a GTD tracking system (done)
  4. Agree evaluation method for Ireland/China exchange program (stalled)
  5. Update my CV (almost done)
    I migrated my CV from my old site to pages on my blog and I updated all sections except work information. I am struggling to write it up in  way that is detailed enough to be useful, but still does not become out of date as soon as my project responsibility changes (since this happens frequently)
Next Week I will do the following actions:
  1. Get everyone to commit to the latest version of the plan for Portal and MashupMaker to move to the latest Sametime API
  2. Help with testing of the latest Sametime Beta candidate especially focusing on Linux readiness
  3. Restart work on the IBM 2.0 book project (Springer have expressed interest in the proposal, but they want to see a draft chapter revised to meet their requirements - this will be a major focus for the next month)
  4. Agree next steps for Ireland/China exchange program
  5. Update the work information on my CV

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