Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Spousonomics" is not a word I plan to use

Some people use their blog to write reviews of books that they have read. However I am going to use mine to write about a book that I have no intention of ever reading.

When I visit my local library, I normally visit their "new arrivals" shelf to see if there are any interesting books. On my most recent visit I spotted an interesting looking book cover with the catchy title of Spousonomics. From reading the blurb the book seems to be about how you can use lessons from economic theories to achieve a happy marriage. Not surprisingly the authors are American and have a web site to go with the book complete with a Facebook page, a Twitter feed etc.

I can't be too critics of Americans because technically I am a US citizen - but one of the most laughable aspects of American society is a belief that all aspects of life are explainable by economics. I find this book title hilarious but, I have no intention of reading it and I think that it would probably be detrimental to my marriage to start quoting this rubbish.

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