Monday, July 18, 2011

My Electricity usage is now available on-line

My Current Cost bridge device arrived in the post so my electricity usage statistics are now being posted and stored on-line. The Current Cost Dashboard site allows me to draw many nice graphs to help me understand trends etc. Although my weather data is publicly visible, I decided that I ought not share my live electricity usage so freely because someone pointed out to me the electric usage data could identify whether or not someone is home which in turn could be helpful to burglars.

I will probably share some data on my historic usage, but unfortunately I can't do that yet because I don't have enough data uploaded yet to make the graphs interesting.


  1. This is an interesting little gadget box. I wonder if this will go mainstream at all.

  2. I think this type of device will definitely become mainstream because their cost is dropping while electricity prices (and hence the potential saving) is increasing. However, CurrentCost have competitors so it might not be their devices that win the market.

  3. I agree Brian. It'll really go mainstream. May I ask if the security can be an issue here? Thanks.
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  4. Yes there are security concerns. If you share that you are not using any electricity potential thieves might guess that you are not at home. However, very few people will make their live consumption data public.