Friday, January 13, 2012

Synge Street Mathematicians scoop the honours again

I just heard the news that two 17 year old mathematicians Eric Doyle and Mark Kelly from Synge Street, CBS won the overall best project award at the annual Young Scientists competition.

I didn't yet get a chance to view their project entitled "Simulation Accuracy in the Gravitational Many-Body Problem", but this brief description makes it clear that it was a very complex project and I am sure they were very worthy winners.

However, what is really impresses me is that this is the third time in recent years that the overall prize has been won by a maths related project from this same school. I don't want to take away from the great work done by the students, but I think that the person who deserves most praise is their teacher Jim Cook who is apparently great at encouraging his pupils to take an active interest in Maths and Science.

In recent times, many commentators have been moaning about the declining interest in maths and physics among the current generation of teenagers who see as being "too hard". Clearly what this country needs is more teachers like this who can help their pupils to learn to love these very rewarding subjects.

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