Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hackday X is coming and I registered my project

Time flies by and it is now just over a week until the IBM company wide Hackday that Ginni Romety announced earlier in the year. This morning I met with some of my colleagues in the IBM Dublin lab and decided on what we would be doing locally to promote participation in the Hackday and ensure it is a fun day for everyone.

Since this is an IBM internal event, I can't reveal too many details of the project on my public blog. However, I will say that it relates to my earlier post about using automation to make it easy to keep active on several social networks and it extends the idea by allowing information to flow through the company firewall.

I think that this project idea fits well with the theme of this Hackday which is transforming IBM into a more social business. Any reader who works in IBM will be able to read more about the project on the Hackday site and hopefully there will be a working prototype ready next week.

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