Thursday, April 25, 2013

[xpost] Smasher now works with juniper firewalls

As many people know, I was the original developer of the smasher Sametime plugin for automatic BSO authentication. However, I have not been actively maintaining it in the last few years. The last update I did was in 2011 when I partially fixed a problem which stopped SUT and smasher working together. Whenever people ask for new features or bug fixes, I typically point them at the location of the source code and then politely suggest that if they really want their issue solved they should fix it themselves.
Recently the Böblingen lab announced that they were planning to replace all of their CISCO BSO devices with juniper ones. This caused a flurry of emails from German employees since neither smasher of any of the alternative tools work with the Juniper firewalls. I was not in a position to help because I don't have access to any of the new firewalls to test, Luckily Thomas Immel was kind enough to help out and he developed a new version 1.3.5 which apparently works with the new firewalls.
The new version of smasher is available from the same update site URL as before - I didn't get a chance to do any testing with this new version (I no longer use smasher myself), so just in case it causes problems for anyone the old version is still available at
I hope you enjoy (and send any praise or complaints to Thomas rather than me).

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