Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My new Headphone Hat

While I appreciate all of the Christmas presents I got this year, I was particularly taken by the usefulness of a present of a Bluetooth Headphone Hat.This is a regular knitted hat which has two small speakers hidden in the seam which allow it to act as a Bluetooth Headset.

.My initial impression was that this was a fun gimmick - an impression reinforced by the fact that the brand name is Techfun. However, I now realise it is a really useful and practical gadget.

I normally wear a Bluetooth Headset while running so that I can listen to podcasts. However, the action of running tends to shake many headsets off my head - which means that I need to choose a headset that wraps around my ears and can be quite uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. The headphone hat is quite comfortable to wear and while the sound quality is not great, it is certainly good enough for my needs. In addition I would need to wear a hat like this anyway while running at this time of year, this means that I can reduce my number of pieces of equipment by combining a set of headphones with a hat.

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