Thursday, April 25, 2024

How fast is a drone delivery? Very fast


After I posted a video of a drone delivering coffee to my home, two questions arose:

  • How fast was the delivery and was the coffee still hot on arrival?
  • Was the coffee secure and was any spilled en-route?
The delivery was very fast - either 5 or 0 minutes depending upon you count:
  • 8:06pm - I decided to order coffee
  • 8:11pm - I pressed the 'confirm order' button. (The time taken was because it was my first order so I needed to input my address and card details etc.)
  • 8:16pm - They sent me a message to say the order was on its way and to make sure no people or pets were in the landing area.
  • 8:20pm - The delivery was made.
The coffee was in sealed cardboard containers and no spillage happened.

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