Saturday, January 9, 2010

First weekly review of 2010

As I said before, 2010 is going to be the year when I finally start implement the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. One of the main features of GTD that I never did before is the weekly review. I decided that I will do my weekly reviews at the end of the week on Friday afternoons. This first one is been written on Saturday morning, but it is better to do it late than never. Ireland has been totally paralysed for the last week due to the unusually long snowy spell. I will do what everyone else is doing and blame the snow for the delay even though there is no real way the weather could impact on me doing my weekly review :-).

Here is my assessment on whether or not I completed the goals I set myself for the first week:
  • Set up my GTD system (partially complete)
    • I continued the "processing email" practice.
    • I am doing the weekly review
    • I have not yet set up my folders and actions system. However, I have at least given some thought to how my folder system. I have got some advice from Sacha and another IBM manager who is an experienced GTD practitioner about how my system should look. Fortunately/unfortunately both of them advise I need to set up the system in a way that suits my own working style. I am going to have to defer this to next week as I ponder.
  • Begin drafting feedback for the PBC annual appraisals (done - although I realise now that I wrote the goal so vaguely that I could claim success regardless of how little I really did - for next week I will make my goal more explicit)
    • I Chased up all of the remaining feedback I needed from managers at remote locations
    • I drafted 3 of the 8 reviews I need to do
  • Prepare for the stand at the Young Scientist Exhibition (done)
    • The team in charge of this are so organised that it is a great learning experience to work with them.
    • I am delighted to see that our blog is beginning to attract some activity.
    • The one remaining concern is that the organisers will decide to call of the exhibition due to the snowy weather. I sincerely hope it won't happen after all the preparatory efforts put in (not just by IBM, but by all the companies involved and of course the students who have been working on their projects). However, there is little we can to to affect that.
  • Sort out the domain names I own (partly done)
    • The domain is lost in limbo between the old registrar (in Australia) and the new one I chose (based in Ireland). I know that is a long journey, but I can't believe the transfer is taking so long. Surely web hosting companies should operate at web speed. Hopefully this domain will be back in action soon.
    • The domain is now active for this blog. I have decided that this should be my main domain, so I suppose I shouldn't worry too much about the other being inactive. Now that I have the domain name sorted I need to do some more work on the site itself. Initially I was confused about what I want to do, but now that I have some clear advice from my mentor I will implement it (see next weeks actions)
For next week what I hope to achieve is:
  • Set up my GTD system of folders and actions and continue the other practices
  • Complete a draft of at least 2 more of the PBC annual appraisals
  • Run for the stand at the Young Scientist Exhibition (expect this will consume most of my time)
  • Sort out the domain names I own
  • Get involved in a discussion about some minor tweaks in our team's organisation structure (nothing major so don't panic)
  • Set up a schedule for my regular meetings in 2010 (most of the repeating entries in my calendar expired at the end of 2009).

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