Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second weekly review of 2010

Here is my assessment on whether or not I completed the goals I set myself for the second working week of 2010:
  • Set up my GTD system of folders and actions (fail) and continue the other practices (done)
    • I didn't yet set up my GTD tracking system. I was advised that I need to pick a system that I have confidence in and tha fits with my working style. Therefore I need to do some experimentation with toold before deciding what I will commit to.
    • I am still processing email rather than reading it and doing a weekly review
  • Complete a draft of at least 2 more of the PBC annual appraisals (done)
  • Run for the stand at the Young Scientist Exhibition (done)
    • As expected this consumed most of my time. It was a great experience - I will write a full report on it later.
  • Sort out the domain names I own
    • complete transfer of (not done - the old registrar is still haning on to this domain so I think I will give up on it)
    • Take a definite decision on whether to migrate from Blogspot to Wordpress for and tidy it up regardless (done - sticking with Blogspot for now - it looks a bit better than it used to)
  • Get involved in a discussion about some minor tweaks in our team's organisation structure (done - but discussion ongoing)
  • Set up a schedule for my regular meetings in 2010 (partially done).
For next week my plan is:
  • Set up GTD folders and actions tracking system
  • Complete drafts of remainig PBCs and begin delivering them if approved
  • Blog about experiences at young scientist
  • Complete my schedule for weekly meetings
  • Begin implementing new role
  • Keep track of what is happening at Lotusphere

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