Saturday, January 23, 2010

Third Weekly Review of 2010

Last week I  said I would:
  • Set up GTD folders and actions tracking system (not done)
  • Complete drafts of remaining PBCs and begin delivering them if approved (done - all drafted and all but 2 delivered)
  • Blog about experiences at young scientist (done)
  • Complete my schedule for weekly meetings (done)
  • Begin implementing new role (not really)
  • Keep track of what is happening at Lotusphere (done)
For next week my plan is:
  • Set up GTD folders and actions tracking system (this is the 4th week I committed to this, but  it might get done this week because I anticipate I won't be so busy)
  • Deliver remaining PBCs and get all of them signed off.
  • Complete my schedule for monthly 1-on-1 meetings
  • Answer Robi's share the week challenge
  • Start forming our new "Customer Response Team"
  • Plan for how I can help increase adoption of Sametime on Linux

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