Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goals/Resolutions for 2010

Since I have been posting weekly reviews to my blog and also spending a lot of my time at work for the last few weeks on the annual appraisal process (known as PBC within IBM), I thought it might be a good idea to also publicly post my goals/resolutions for 2010.

I don't intend to post a full set of my goals for the year because that might be tedious, instead I will only note the significant things that I want to do differently this year from the past.

I have three main goals, and they are all tied together:
  1. Become active in social networking sites outside of IBM. I am already quite active on sites inside IBM, but now I feel I am now ready to leap over/through the firewall.
  2. Become more focused in relation the topics that I blog/tweet about. In line with common advice, I will concentrate on topics that excite  my interest:
    • Advanced collaboration tools
    • Use of social software for work as well as pleasure
    • Open Source Software
  3. Be more organised in the way I plan my work. Specifically I hope to implement the GTD methodology.
Now that I have publicly declared what my goals, maybe I will be embarrassed into carrying out my promises.

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