Thursday, March 17, 2011

Using a smartphone to keep a detailed training log

I am not really much of a runner, but I usually enter the Great Ireland Run in the Phoenix Park. I recently realized that the race is coming up soon and so I decided I needed to restart my training. I am mostly concerned that I am capable of running the full 10km and I was not really sure of the length of my planned route. I decided to use the My Tracks application on my phone, to record the route.

View Longer Loop Including Porterstown in a larger map

This simple, but powerful uses the phone's GPS to track exactly where I run. All I have to do is press the start button as I head off on my run and then press stop when I get back. The application automatically generates a map of where I have gone and record statistics about how fast I was running etc. (see sample above). If I want it can also the the application to export the data into a training log so that I can see if my pace is increasing as I get fitter (the training log can be private if you want, but I don't care who follows my running progress)

My previous run was slightly under 1`0km, so I added an extra loop to this mornings run to take it over the 10km mark. The run took me slightly over an hour, but I think I am on track to complete the 10km under the hour mark which is the goal I set myself. I think my training is not necessarily great, but at least it will be well monitored :-)

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