Monday, October 3, 2011

Where should electric car charging points be located

eCar Charger Coolmine
Apparently electric cars are set to become much more common in Ireland in the near future.  However, before this can happen there will need to be a network of charging points for electric cars located at convenient locations throughout the country. The ESB is currently rolling out a series of such charging points.

Obviously such charging points are going to be located at Motorway service stations to facilitate motorists who are trying to undertake a long journey across the country. I was also interested to see that one has been installed in the "Park and Ride" facility attached to Coolmine rail station (near where I live). The idea must be that they expect that local commuters will use their eCars for the short trip to get to the rail station before taking the train.

This seems like a sensible idea, however the only problem is that the charging point is located in the area reserved for disabled drivers. Do the ESB expect that eCars will only be driven by disabled drivers or do they plan to give eCar drivers special permission to use the disabled parking spots?


  1. It's far from being widespread actually. What can stop this innovation too is the economic grip of oil companies to countries. Perhaps they don't want to "sever" their "relationship" with these entities.

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  2. Yes it is always had to change things when many powerful organisations are making profits from keeping things the way they are.