Monday, October 24, 2011

You know you are definitely back from Holidays when you lose all of the Mayorships in Foursquare

Earlier this year I went on a holiday of a lifetime in South Africa. I was so thrilled with myself for being so far away from home that I regularly checked in with FourSuqare. As a result I was declared "Mayor" of a wide variety of locations.

After I arrived back in Ireland, the glowing feeling of well-being from the holiday faded fairly fast, but the FourSquare mayorships were surprisingly long lived. I was just notified yesterday of the fact that I was ousted as mayor of the beautiful Knysna Country House. I am still Mayor for Fancourt, Hotel in George - but I am not sure how much longer that will last and all of my Foursquare mayorships will ba back in Ireland.


  1. Hi Brian,

    Only came across your posting now! Would love to have you as our Mayor again - all you need to do is to come back and check in again:).

    Erik & Ypie
    Knysna Country House
    South Africa

  2. Would love to come back and reclaim the title :-)